Jess fills us in on her vacation, and we learn all about poo haikus. Then, BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow join the show! They reveal the inspiration behind their book, Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close. Ann and Aminatou talk about the nuances of being in an interracial friendship and the importance of finding a middle ground in relationships. Stay tuned as we dive deep into our own friendship and how critical it is to connect with family and create a community.

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  • 4:47 We’ve never had an interview like this!
  • 5:23 If you want to engage with our guests, they will be inside our Super Squad from now on!
  • 7:20 Elsie asks Jess to fills us in on her vacation
  • 10:29 The poop story
  • 17:34 Super Squad updates! We’re doing our QAs in our awesome new membership
  • 19:56 Elsie’s new awesome headphones! A pure vanity buy
  • 25:24 Our new sponsor Dr. Ginger Campbell – she’s looking to be a guest on other people’s show to talk about her new book
  • 31:46 Elsie and Jess intro their special guests!
  • 33:15 BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow join the show!
  • 33:46 Why they decided to write a book?
  • 35:09 How Ann and Aminatou are doing
  • 37:31 The meaning behind “Big” Friendship
  • People can meet later in life and form a “Big” Friendship
  • 44:24 The nuisances of being in an interracial friendship
  • 48:28 Talking through the vocabulary in their book
  • Sometimes it took a long time to find the vocabulary
  • She Detects!
  • 51:38 Friend breakups
  • 54:06 The awesomeness of Produce Your Podcast!
  • 55:18 Elsie and Jess discuss even more about Big Friendship
  • 1:07:01 Elsie’s realization that she needs to treat friendship differently
  • 1:17:39 Starting school in 4th grade
  • 1:21:50 How Jess navigated friendships after the loss of Emily
  • 1:25:14 We would love your feedback! Tweet out to Ann and Aminatou!


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