Jess is on vacation and Elsie shares a session from the Podfest Global Summit, created in collaboration with WOC Podcasters called Creating Anti-Racist Podcast Spaces featuring Madeline Wright and Tangia Renee. This is just the beginning of the work. We look forward to furthering the conversation!

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This session was recorded at the Podfest Global Summit 2020

  • 2:36 Thank you Swellcast! You are awesome!
  • 3:09 Produce Your Podcasts, go team! We love them
  • We are excited to talk about antiracist podcast spaces
  • 3:43 Jess introduces the session! Because our community asked for this!
  • 6:16 Tangia sets the stage! And shout out to Danielle
  • 7:57 This is a journey; I can’t emphasize that enough
  • 9:32 Discomfort is your friend; it means you are growing and trying
  • 10:35 Background of how we got to where we are now
  • The privilege to educate yourself about racism
  • 17:54 Where She Podcasts and WOC Podcasters came from
  • 22:01 How She Podcasts expanded into non-binary
  • 25:55 Key terms to know about equity and inclusion work
  • 27:38 Ongoing steps to be anti-racist
  • Y’all it’s not about performative actions
  • 43:00 Tokenism!
  • 45:09 Speaking to an interesectional audience
  • 48:52 Diversifying your guests
  • 53:18 Jess comes back for the questions and answers


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