Show 028 Quick-Guide

  • Helen Saltzman is in the house!
  • We dive right into the discussion about women in broadcasting fueled by her cool podcast Sound Women.
  • Helen's workflow for Sound Women.
  • Serial breaks records! Woah.
  • What does it really take monetarily to run a highly produced top notch podcast.
  • What's the team behind producing a podcast.
  • What are the ethics of Serial? And the ethics of listeners? What's the line between entertainment vs information?
  • What are OUR ethical responsibilities to our audience? They look up to us. We have chosen to take the seat of the expert.
  • Helen shares a crazy piece of feedback she got for the Answer Me This Podcast.
  • WE are, whether we want to or not, guiding the narrative of our culture via our podcast.
  • The discoverability problem. Helen and Elsie try to hash it out.
  • Niche podcast directories and how they (should) serve the community.
  • We need to make sure that these directories are able to provide relevant results that are not based on iTunes ratings and reviews.
  • We get the behind the scenes of Radiotopia AND how Helen will be podcasting full time!
  • Radiotopia is cultivating new voices in audio, something no one else is doing right now.
  • Helen reveals exactly how she is now part of the Radiotopia team getting paid to produce her new podcast FULL TIME! Gah!
  • Why Elsie choose to fund the Kickstarter Campaign for Radiotopia – and it's because of something that Alex Blumberg and Gimlet Media are NOT doing.
  • How has the podcasting scene changed in the past few years and where it's headed.


Do you feel a responsibility to your listeners? Is there a boundary as to how much?

Do you have an idea of solving this ‘possible' discoverability problem OUTSIDE of iTunes algorithms?

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