Get the scoop on our new She Podcasts Store! Plus all the fun we have planned for the Super Squad, we are super excited! We then dive right into Apple’s podcast and Apple Podcasts news, The Google Podcast Creator Program and Spotify’s Sound Up UK edition, and a passionate discussion on what Leo Laporte’s concern for the podcasting industry, some podcast revenue news and finally, Mrs. Obama has a podcast! (Or a Spocast?)

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  • Recap of the past week, how we’re surviving and it’s hot
  • 8:45 Jess has been working on an amazing She Pocasts Shop!
  • 16:21 Some amazing things are going to be happening over in the new Super Squad, make sure you’re on our wait list to get all the good stuff
  • 19:44 NEWS
  • Elsie reports back on her Latinos in Podcasting webinar – you can still sign up if you didn’t attend
  • 22:20 Apple is launching it’s own daily show!
  • 26:33 New team member over at Apple Podcasts
  • 27:58 Spotify’s Sound Up is back in the UK
  • 29:04 The Google Podcasts Creator program
  • 31:31 Skye had an article from Leo Laporte in her newsletter and boy do we have things to say about that!
  • You know, the Latino Podcast Listener Report almost had zero True Crime podcasts, so there’s that
  • Future audiences will be listening in more places, outside of the current tried and true places to listen
  • 46:23 Podcast revenue up in 2020?
  • 49:21 Weird and wild show of the week!
  • Elsie starts annoying Jess about spocasts. Jess is not having it.


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