Guys, dude, gendered language, and independence day. We have follow-ups about Mueller, She Wrote, and we continue to dive into a complex discussion on IP, owning your back catalogue, contracts, ownership and all kinds of other stuff that the growing podcasting industry now has to deal with. And of course, we finish off talking about the latest deadly robot spider in podcasting aka the Zoom H8.

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  • July 4th afterglow and the random fireworks
  • 2:34 Why Elsie is trying to stop saying “you guys”
  • 3:50 “Dude” for Elsie is an interjection
  • 9:50 The entire Spanish language is gendered
  • 11:44 Feedback from Berry from Podcasts in Color
  • 13:30 Feedback from Daniel Lewis re: Apple not being able to talk about anything anywhere
  • 14:14 We generally learn by example
  • 15:44 Can companies do confidentiality agreements? Cancel culture and it’s impact
  • 20:48 NEWS: Intellectual property of The Nod With Brittany & Eric
  • 23:16 “Your salary is what you’re being paid to do this show” – Jess
  • 26:01. “They’re not trying to do anything other than replicate what already exists in that is something that I am 100% against” – Elsie
  • 29:23 Your RSS feed and your back catalogue is INSANELY important
  • When TV shows are cancelled and the audience fights back
  • 36:02 Howard Stern’s smartness
  • 41:48 There is a number out there when we can retire and be internet detectives
  • 47:12 Memberful our amazing sponsor!
  • 48:09 Podthon is coming up! Attend, attend, attend!
  • 49:27 Who are the Latinos in Podcasting?
  • 50:49 TOOL TIPS
  • Zoom H8 looks like a gigantic deadly robot spider
  • Have you heard of Pod.Link?
  • Captivate does the same thing
  • So does Wavve and Plink


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