Every wonder what it’s like to have foxes living with you? You don’t have to wonder anymore. Covering more of the She P Team stay-at home every day survival guide check in. And then we cover the new Mrs. Bush podcast, Luminary woes, Podcast Addict issues, our new sponsor Memberful (sooooo excited) and then …. Elsie’s internet takes a dump and we have the quickest exit ever.

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Episode length 50:27

  • Jess starts off with her amazing news of fox babies living beneath her deck
  • She’s a Tik Tok super star because of the baby foxes! Of course
  • Elsie’s Whole Food trip where she spent her entire paycheck
  • Discussing diets and things – Jessica is not helpful
  • Elsie shares why accountability matters in breaking out of bad habits/patterns
  • Jess shares some things that she doesn’t want the rest of the family to know…and whispers
  • Elsie shares how she was abandoned during Thanksgiving
  • 21:01 NEWS: new podcast from Mrs. Bush!
  • 24:34 Audacity is now compatible with Catalina! Yay! Well, almost
  • 27:57 Oh goodness, Luminary is having some money issues
  • John comes clean, he did buy a month of Luminary
  • Venture capital wealth distribution to podcasters FTW
  • 36:50 Podcast Addict kicked out of the Google Play Store! And we get into it – or John gets on his freedom high horse
  • With more volume comes more responsibility
  • 45: 25 We have a new sponsor! Memberful! Is. Awesome!
  • 47:44 Tool Tips! Paul Colligan wrote a thing and it’s amazing
  • Elsie drops away, oh no!


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