LONG EPISODE ALERT! We deliberately left in when Jess’s computer froze and she dropped out. We wanted to give you BTS of the reality of remote recording and getting a show out when we lose the audio! (Check the chapter markers to skip it if you want!) That al goes down about 48 minutes in, but in addition to that we cover our lives sheltering in place, the impact this time will have on our children, and the responsibility we have as podcasters with our titles and our content during the pandemic. During the last 20 minutes we have a business discussion about She Podcasts Live and what it would take for us to put on the conference, how we should move forward, what we should invest in and how the world will have changed by October.

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Episode length 1:12:45

  • Elsie and John give a disclaimer at the top of the show because we had a technical issue – Jess’s computer died in the middle of it all and we lost the recording!
  • How about all those t-shirts and sweatshirts with social distancing sayings?
  • We don’t know what we’re headed toward until we’ve been there and can look back
  • What kind of summer are we going to have? How will this shape our children’s life?
  • We can have a completely different society – right?
  • So, clear skies…that’s good!
  • How are our lives changing with our behavior and how we interact in the world, and how will industries change?
  • Jess wants drive-ins
  • Spotify took down an episode because it was a health and wellness type show discussing solutions to COVID–19
  • What’s the line between freedom of speech and misinformation?
  • Gross negligence and coronavirus?
  • What is the responsibility that we have in naming our episodes and the content that we share?
  • It seems like the corpcasters might be realizing that you might not need all the things they think they need to have great audio
  • It also seems that we know more about getting great audio!
  • As podcasters we get super stuck in how we feel our show needs to be and refuse to adjust
  • You can create great sounding audio from home! Everyone needs to have a Samson Q2U at home!
  • Jess gives us a update on She Podcasts Live and hotel contracts and all that stuff
  • We discuss the possibilities of how we should deal with planning an event when everything is up in the air
  • We don’t know how to go forward!
  • What should we do to have the biggest amount of impact?
  • 48:37 Jess totally dropped out! Jessica was frozen and she’s gone
  • This is when we lost Jess (and all the behind the scenes) We left it in, for learning purposes
  • 54:58 Going back to discussing She Podcasts Live and what we should do about contracts
  • For all of you doing live events, here are the realities of putting something on during this time! ARGHHHH
  • Business discussions….if you’re still into this, you’re welcome ❤️


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