How proud we are of Podcast Movement and everything that they have achieved. I mean, oh my goodness. And then we go all in on discussing the goings on at #Evolutions2020, about the new Golden Mics, Academy of Podcasters announcement, what it means to have awards, why we need them, how She Podcasts Live’s feel was so special – and Elsie CRIES! – and we finish off with a dream scenario of who needs to be on the board of governors and an organization that will solve all the world’s podcasting problems 🤪

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Episode Recap: length 57:03

  • Getting right to it, what is Podcast Movement and OMGOSH we are so very proud of them!
  • Jess is feeling tons of regrets for not being at Podcast Movement Evolutions
  • Elsie starts correcting the record, right away!
  • Jess follows up by summarizing the WTF that went down at #Evolutions2020
  • Let’s not use the current models in the entertainment industry to create awards because what currently exists totally sucks!
  • We do have power, people!
  • Why Elsie likes Twitter over Facebook and prefers Twitter threads and so she wrote one that Jess feels was super long
  • Don’t say you are the first!
  • What are some amazing topics that journalists covering podcasting could tackle
  • Shouting out Apple Podcasts!
  • Where does Elsie’s experience in podcasting comes from and “we built this city!”
  • The majority of the people that donated to our campaign
  • OMG Elsie starts crying!!! Oh geez.
  • Jess picks up the convo as Elsie gets herself together because there was no feeling of insecurity
  • The community needs to be allowed to speak and be given opportunities
  • What does what they’re playing have anything to do with what we’re playingj
  • What kind of privilige are we talking about here
  • When you play the legacy media games, sacrifices are made
  • In independent podcasting for years that experience really matters
  • What would be the perfect way to make the dream board of governors
  • Listener representation people!
  • Building these type of organizations take a lot of time and resources – a lot of time and resources
  • We would love your thougths people, be kind and gentle people!
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