Sheletta is taking over the world! We gush over the incredible tenacity the this woman had after attending She Podcasts Live and taking action. We comment on the new series by Gimlet Media, all the network shows creating podcasts and how so many folks can work in podcasting without having to podcasts. Sending a great congratulations to Podchaser! And finishing off with a discussion on the suing podcasters!

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Episode Recap: length 44:43

  • Catching up on Jess’s cold…and it’s kinda gross
  • Sheletta’s story on how she found the She Podcasts Live Conference via Facebook Ads!
  • Jess reads Sheletta’s email! OMG that was amazing!
  • Elsie adores everything that Sheletta has done and she shares the awesomeness of how she launched her new network
  • If you attend a conference and take action like Sheletta you would conquer the world
  • 8:23 NEWS
  • Spotify has released a new podcast series produced and hosted by the Gimlet Media dudes
  • Even though she went into listening to the Gimlet Media podcast series rolling her eyes, she now says to LISTEN TO IT
  • There are some differences to remember when listening, we don’t have a team to do all the things – we are our own team
  • Elsie is writing a new how to podcast series!
  • 15:04 Little America is getting it’s own podcast and we’re so excited
  • We need a name for a new segment all about streaming – send us feedback
  • What all of these podcast production initiatives are doing is to expand what it means to work in podcasting
  • The team discusses what other kinds of jobs they could have working in podcasting
  • We get a bit of jewish guilt from Jess LIVE
  • 24:47 congrats to the Podchaser team for raising more money – also have you followed us on Podchaser?
  • A history of #PodRevMo started by one of our very own Super Squad peeps! And we support you reviewing us on Podchaser!
  • 28:37 Y’all, we’re keeping an eye on this story where S-Town is being sued for making money off of a podcast without getting permission – albeit it’s journalism – what to do!
  • Jess starts to speculate on what she could do that could get Elsie to sue her
  • And OMG what a convoluted arguement and no one knows what’s going on, so if YOU can clear up our wrongness, do send us some audio feedback!
  • So Jess’s computer shut off on her and we had to finish the show without her! GAH!


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