Beginning with a harrowing nightmare from Jess involving Dan Franks, going straight into some podcast industry predictions, of course we have something to say to podcasters about the whole Spotify has a new streaming ad insertion technology thing, building your business on someone else’s platform, a couple of awesome job opportunities in podcasting and Elsie found an amazing new tech tool that she’s so excited about, but the rest of the She Podcasts Team doesn’t get.

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Episode Recap: length 1:01:43

  • We are so excited to be back, happy new decade!
  • Man, we’re getting old
  • And Jess and John find out something about Elsie they had no idea about
  • 3:29 Jess had a horrible dream about Dan Franks
  • Can we get Jess some dream analysis please?
  • 8:59 Jess was in the Crystal Ball series sharing her thoughts about podcasting’s future
  • Lots of companies are developed based on a need but they don’t know the “space”
  • MORE WOMEN says Jessica Kupferman!
  • 18:30 NEWS
  • Spotify is adding their own streaming ad insertion technology
  • The majority of platforms in the space have ToS that don’t allow them to insert ads into your show unless you gave them permission!
  • All we want is a choice. A choice – yes or no
  • 27:01 Should you build your business on someone else’s platform?
  • “Good, fast and cheap” – you can only have two of them people!
  • Bueno, bonito y barato!
  • A bit of reporting from CES, thought and podcasts in cars!
  • 32:00 Podcasting is by far more ubiquitous, cars, planes and all the places
  • John has a theory that makes us go “hmmmmmm”
  • Access vs censorship
  • 39:20 Oh the pain of “unlimited” – it’s a lie – Elsie has receipts (talking ot you US Cellular)
  • 41:07 The Google Podcasts app got and update and a bit of an Elsie prediction
  • 46:06 Exciting job opportunities in podcasting
  • On Air Fest – a super intriguing audio project!
  • 70 Million is looking for pitches! (500-word pitches to ​
  • 53:00 Elsie’s exciting new tool!!! TripMode!!!
  • There are limits to hotspots, help Elsie out


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