This time thankful for not being completely incontinent right out of the gate, we give you insider info into all kinds of awesome saving for Podfest and the She Podcasts Live Virtual Ticket – but the main chunk of content is discussing what it really takes to podcast solo…as in YOU doing ALL the things!

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Episode Recap: length 44:51

  • Wait another Thanksgiving episode? LOL
  • Jess just came back from working out and being successful at not being her pants #goals
  • “I’m not incontinent, I have surprise sneezes” HA!
  • 5:25 We have the most amazing sponsor Meet Edgar
  • 8:30 NEWS
  • We begin with a full on breakdown of what it takes to be a “solo podcaster”
  • Is ignorance the word? Can there be another word?
  • Not very many people come to hang out and live in Podcasting Town
  • In kindness, we talk about this in kindness
  • Is respect missing from this article? Do we feel like it’s a bit of complaining? Or are we all in the same boat?
  • Ya’ll there’s something to be said about doing a co-hosted show
  • We know that podcasting is lonely and it’s why we had She Podcasts Live!
  • Hang out with the PODCASTING LOCALS PEOPLE!
  • It is about getting the scoop on all the bits and pieces about the podcasting space
  • Do we really want our family listening to our podcast
  • OMGAAAAAHHHH Akashic records!
  • Okay folks, does your family actually listen to your podcast?
  • We don’t know what’s going to resonate with people, but we cannot expect everyone to love all the things that we do
  • You are not going to be for everybody!
  • If you’re going to be a successful solo podcaster your content is one part of your job
  • For whatever reason, most peeps keep thinking that podcast download numbers are HUGE – ya’ll that’s not the case for 90% of us
  • Why did Jennifer Aniston get on IG? Y’all she needed to get their profile up for the Morning Show!
  • We’ve been podcasting since 2014 and we’re just getting to 1k dl/mo! I mean.
  • We mentioned Jess’s prediction in 2018 that Spotify would eat Apple’s lunch – and how that gives you an opportunity to expand beyond Apple Podcasts
  • Android users cannot listen to your content! Stop that! You are ignoring a huge part of the podcasting space
  • 41:40 All about She Podcasts Live virtual ticket! Y’all you must get this amazing ticket! And for a discount! Use CYBERMONDAY
  • OMG how to find out how people have your back and you are not alone!


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