Opening up as if it’s a Thanksgiving episode but…nope! Because of mold and other things like, making sure that you mute yourself before you burp, Apple hiring a podcasting content team? Spotify’s awesome strategy to address habits and behavior, and that ONE question that everyone asks at this time of year – should your podcast take a break for the holidays? Listen up! You don’t wanna miss it!

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Episode Recap: length 45:49

  • Mold remediation talk, which is why Jess is at a hotel
  • Schitt’s Creek and Elsie – podcasting has usurped her time as of late
  • Folks you need to know how to mute yourself, especially when you BURP
  • Oh the behind the scenes of trying to parent when you are recording a show
  • 9:45 NEWS
  • Y’all, it looks like Apple is hiring content people for PODCASTING! I mean, right?
  • And why is Elsie going to eat her panties? WHAT?
  • What do we think? Will Apple put special podcasting content behind a paywall?
  • 17:45 And on we go into discussing Spotify possibly eating Apple’s lunch
  • Are video podcasts a thing? Do they even exist?
  • Elsie loves JLos YouTube Channel!
  • Elsie also loves how Spotify is addressing qualitative vs quantitative metrics and focusing on habits and user behavior
  • 29:49 You guys new sponsor Meet Edgar!!!
  • 32:38 Spotify passthrough stats breaking info from Libsyn
  • No you are not famous, we know that’s sad
  • 36:49 Should your podcast take a break for the holidays?
  • You can do nothing, create content in advance OR you can keep creating content – what do you wanna do?
  • If you have a business then you kind of have to
  • Jess figures out that working with a sponsor during the end of the year is now our life
  • For your own data purposes go look at your own stats people!
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