Show 024 Quick-Guide

  • Elsie’s a mountain mama! and she got two homemade tables.
  • Taking responsibility for the messages that you put out in the world.
  • Diving into our responsibility as podcasters & as journalists.
  • Discussion of article on podcasting.
  • Cars ARE NOT the cause for the “Rennaissance” of podcasting.
  • Where are podcast download numbers coming from – Elsie breaks out the stats!
  • Jess feels the article is negative.
  • Will mainstream media podcasters push us out?
  • You don’t have any more of a shot “making it” in podcasting if you are not already doing something remarkable.
  • High quality podcasts have been available for YEARS – it’s not a new thing.
  • If you are going to cover something, please dive a little bit deeper into the niche/ecosystem that you are covering.
  • When big media covers podcasting it’s always a good thing.
  • Entertainment Weekly is covering podcasting!
  • A bit of conversation about a new type of podcasting software that has come into the space.
  • One of Jessica’s favorite things: when people make up technology that doesn’t exist. #not
  • Think of your podcast as a product NOT as a platform.
  • “Stop building your platform before you’ve opened your face and said something interesting” – Jess
  • More truthbombs from Jess.


When you hear or see podcast news and information do you do your due diligence?

Can you discern between opinion about your industry and trends rooted in fact about your industry?

What types of media in your industry are covering podcasting?

How can you make your stuff more awesome?

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