Catching up on Jess and Emily’s trip over to the National Speakers Association to promote She Podcasts Live. Those of you that are creating IRL events and are looking to promote it by attending conferences, this is a must listen! Not to be outdone by a conversation about those new Apple Podcasts categories and you guys, Elsie launched a new show! In Spanish! It’s called Sobre Podcasting

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Episode Recap: length 46:30

  • Jess gives us a behind the scenes of attending the National Speaker Association’s conference in Denver
  • What was nice and what WASN’T nice about attending conferences as vendors
  • Emily is amazing running the She Podcasts IG account!
  • There was a lazy river incident involving Jess and the horror of getting her hair wet
  • 14:00 What Jess has been doing to promote She Podcasts Live and the brilliance of Chris Krimitsos
  • 17:00 The She Podcasts speaker line-up and a little guest comes in!
  • Thank you to Podnews for sharing about She Podcasts! And Elsie excitedly reads the PR release
  • Elsie and Jess can’t wait to be around the greatness of She Podcasts Live because it’s the perfect nacho!
  • 23:30 Everything that you need to know about Apple Podcasts categories
  • She Podcasts is a now a little conundrum, our category disappeared
  • 31:57 Elsie’s pet peeve when people choose a category just because there’s less competition
  • 33:48 Elsie’s new show, Sobre Podcasting, but this time in Spanish!!!
  • She is so excited about this new project to build the Spanish speaking podcasting community
  • Elsie is being featured in New and Noteworthy for Apple Podcasts in Mexico, and she’s stoked, thank you Apple!
  • Marketing this new show is a whole new thing and it involves thinking out of the box
  • John is on PodLords and he is super humbled
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