Getting straight into it with awesome audience feedback about privacy, measurement, repurposing content and podfading. Then, we get into all kinds of search news from Spotify’s new App update and Google Podcasts indexing shows directly from search! A new podcast funding opportunity is in town and you’ll get to hear all about Podfund as well as how to get insider info via our She Podcasts Super Squad.

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Episode Recap: length 59:34

  • “The delirious, Elsie Escobar” ha!
  • Morning recording seems to be an issue with the team, everyone is so tired and brain dead
  • The Samson Q2U might give us an opportunity record at other times
  • 3:48 Audio feedback from Kim about Episode 228
  • Thoughts on advertisers, privacy and measurement
  • Elsie breaks down who’s job it is to see the value that you bring to the table
  • Civilla shares some feedback about how she re-uses her content and how she has chosen to stop herself from Podfading
  • 7:36 NEWS
  • Spotify is testing out a new version of their app so that podcasts can more easily found!
  • Even though we are really thankful to Spotify, they are not currently helping folks find another podcast
  • Google Podcasts is indexing podcast for title and content to give you better search results! How about that!
  • The Libsyn Podcast Pages are equipped with the code necessary to properly index your show in Google Podcasts
  • A new offering for funding for podcasters called Podfund
  • Discussing what type of podcaster Podfund is great for
  • Why a podcasting idea/business is kinda of like having a threesome
  • Elsie goes off on a little rant “sit down.”
  • Y’all it’s not a loan and it’s not a grant
  • Elsie tests her Q2U, Camera Connection kit and iPhone to record the latest bonus She Podcast Super Squad feature
  • Y’all need to sign up for the Super Squad
  • 47:00 An update on She Podcasts Live! and all of the amazing new sponsors!!!
  • WE HAVE A MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL FOR TICKETS!!! Promo code for 20% off: yourmom
  • 49:58 TOOL TIPS
  • Audio from my girls using the Rodecaster Pro!
  • Elsie set the girls up, turn the mic on and that’s it! Really impressive that the girls were able to do their own recording
  • Elsie’s quick overview/review of the Tonor Q9 USB microphone and why she unfortunately won’t be able to use it


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