The Rodecaster Pro has had the best firmware update making it the bestest podcasting tool ever! We also cover the Facebook announcements about FB Groups, messaging and other things and what all of that means to our culture and of course Jess and Elsie have differing opinions. Also the ‘Razzle’ of podcasting has come into the scene? And finally we get into download numbers and privacy issues, because, super fun to discuss. Right?

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Episode Recap: length 55:18

  • The origin story of peachy keen
  • 3:45 NEWS
  • The Rodecaster Pro firmware update is in the house and it allows for multitrack recording via mini SD card!
  • Lots of gushing about the Rodecaster Pro and why it might work for you
  • And in the middle of the conversation Jess goes to pee
  • The Rodecaster Pro can be great for little ones to learn all about audio and recording a podcast
  • Facebook’s F8 announcements about FB Groups and other things
  • Jess gives us an update on all the new FB things and how starting a anti-bullying campaign will send all the teenagers go away
  • Elsie wants to engage on Facebook as a Page not as a Profile but Facebook is not good for this at all
  • There is yet another free podcast hosting company and app on the scene
  • 39:41 TOOL TIPS
  • Pacific Content wrote a super awesome article about Pizza and IAB 2.0 measurement standards! Elsie loves it
  • Why can’t podcast downloads simply be published publicly?
  • Jess understands the need for privacy but isn’t too keen on not getting more data when it comes to marketing


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