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Pulling back the curtain on one of Elsie’s bad habits on how she makes decisions and doesn’t tell anyone which leads Jess and Elsie to hash out the age old debate on banter and going off topic vs staying on task and how that affects our possible audience growth? We also tackle topics that range from Podchaser features, to some very interesting Spotify data on listening, the Winter Podcasting Upfronts, the Asian American Podcasting Community and so much more!

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Episode Re-cap: length 1:05:32

  • When Elsie decides stuff and doesn’t tell Jess, implements and then tells no one – awesome
  • A bit of insight into Elsie’s youth and why she does what she does
  • The reason this came about was because Elsie was feeling frustrated in how we were preparing and recording She Podcasts Episodes
  • And the conversation between banter vs ‘value’ comes into play
  • She Podcasts is different, it’s not your run of the mill podcast about podcasting
  • There are times that Elsie feels that we could do better at explaining the type of show that we have so that we could grow the show
  • Jess invites the audience to give us feedback! So what do you guys think about this banter vs planning debate:
  • Also, how do YOU handle your co-hosts when decisions need to be made
  • 28:15 NEWS
  • Podchaser featured Elsie! Yeah!
  • You guys, you can create super cool curated playlists to share with your peeps!
  • Spotify should focus on podcasts via Morgan Stanley, what?
  • You can totally give out podcasts as gifts! And we share how! Yay, Gretchen Rubin!
  • Elsie expands on why giving the gift of podcasts is important and how you can do this too!
  • Jess, with great excitement shares what went down in the Winter Upfronts in LA!
  • Elsie chats about why advertisers need to understand that shows have a LONG LIFE SPAN. Long. Life. Span.
  • And what have you bought via podcast?
  • How podcasts are incredibly important for connecting people and helping people feel less alone
  • The Asian American Podcast Community! Go Lee, go!
  • 59:40 Weird and Wild Show of The Week!
  • Congratulations to Creative Next for their launch!!! Everyone needs to go subscribe!!! Elsie is so proud of them!
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