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Show 082 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Take two. Geez.
  • Like a topical cream to heal your thirst for the latest in podcasting
  • Snow. Period. That’s our comment
  • ZCast, the Periscope for audio! It’s a new apps we attempted to use
  • Shout out to Daniel Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast as Elsie needed to be clearer about Screenflow and Loop Back
  • Jess is headed to Florida! Who’s gonna be there?
  • Another event, this one is happening in Brooklyn, New York – Diversity in Podcasting and Public Radio
  • We have more podcasting goodness! Podcast Mid-Atlantic is in da house
  • She Podcasters in the field using Bossjock! Shout-out to Nicole Abboud!
  • You either “must” podcast or you “must not” podcast
  • You can share your ‘voice’ with your audience, and NOT have a podcast, says Elsie
  • Podcasting is hard work – duh
  • Start getting your voice to your people! You don’t have to start a podcast to do that
  • John’s been adding crickets to our show
  • Jessica and John recorded a podcast episode! Check the links for it!
  • Jessica has been moonlighting, creating some cool stuff about podcasts on line
  • We discuss Midroll, NPR and Jess’s addition to the podcasting sponsorship space!
  • If you cannot sell your own podcast because you’re having a hard time selling podcasting Jessica has a solution for you!
  • Moving away from numbers, volume and downloads to sell your podcast
  • How in the world did those guys get all those survey results
  • We pontificate on what to put on a survey, and there is annoyance
  • Marketing surveys are left behind the times and they are so annoying to fill!
  • The power of podcasting in the educational space
  • Did the Suits guy listen to podcasts to get all his street-smart education
  • A secret recording time revealed

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