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Show 081 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • We begin in the pissy realm thanks to technology
  • Is it really about Mercury Retrograde?
  • The scoop and the She Podcasts first experience with Zencastr with a side of a double ender explanation
  • Why the mute button is like your boyfriend when you’re recording interviews in Skype
  • How our sponsors can benefit from simple mention aka “speaking of things that work”
  • A brand awareness story and onto a different continent – Bossjock in Spain!
  • How should Jess use Bossjock at Podfest in Tampa?
  • Do we promote Libsyn too much?
  • Elsie shares podcasting tool Loop Back!
  • How fun would we have looping back audio with Jess! We’d be so RADIO
  • There’s another cool beans tool called Music for Makers that Elsie found on Instagram, in case you’re looking for music for your podcast
  • We’ve had a brand re-fresh! Have you noticed?
  • Jessica’s insight into why you should re-fresh your visual brand
  • People don’t need to know more than ‘Elsie and Jess’
  • Where (possibly) the 10 episode and you quit podcasting statement came from
  • What really makes you quit are reaching your podcasting goals and milestones or life changing personal events, OR you’re bored with your stuff
  • The reason we start podcasting is because we are going through something, and often times when we’re done, we’re done
  • Should you ride the wave of your listeners of start from scratch? That is the core question here
  • What do you do if you want to leverage your leftover communities when you’re moving to something new
  • Is launching really a thing? Do you HAVE to do it like crazy?
  • People will follow you…says Jelsie and Ess

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