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Show 080 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Yeay we’re back! And we have a lovely New Year’s Eve – sleeping
  • Learning lessons AGAIN, we need to take 2 weeks off at the end of the year
  • The awesomeness of Bossjock plug the iRig Mic Lav for recording during conferences!
  • Jessica has 5 speaking gigs! How cool is that 🙂
  • Why having an editor is awesome, Elsie pontificates
  • You need to learn how to DO everything in your business, or at least become aware of how things work
  • Patrick’s survey results of the “Say What? What did Jessica say” survey
  • The Big Seance podcasts last 3 episodes
  • We are explicit, yes we are and we tell you exactly why! It’s iTunes fault
  • The podcasting scene will explode and Jess and Elsie weigh in
  • Elsie wants people that are creating online courses to make them available via podcast
  • “Aural experiment” we like that
  • The radio theater comes to podcasting! Ooh podcast theater time
  • Are you clinging to the idea that podcasts must go on and on?
  • Taking podcasting beyond audio and Elsie thinks it’s a good thing
  • Breaking down the Serial social media multi-media marketing tactics
  • We touch base on the predominantly white male podcaster, so they are still a thing. Just sayin’
  • You cannot judge the state of diversity in podcasting by checking out the featured podcasts in iTunes
  • Media instills panic by default just by predicting – says Jess
  • And then we go off on the whole cars will change podcasting forever!
  • How technology can make things trully suck
  • Aaaaand even though technology is moving at light speed, society’s adoption is at a snail’s pace
  • Elsie gives you some homework to do, and it’s all about how you consume media!
  • Can you wipe a goat’s nose with a tissue? We did have that discussion

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