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Show 064 Quick-Guide

  • Happy Labor Day! LOTS OF CHIT-CHAT so if you wanna skip the first 12 MINUTES do it!
  • We discuss going into labor, digestion, candy and elotes locos
  • Harry gives us some cool feedback about getting away from our tech!
  • Elsie’s been studying the science of habits, and it’s blowing her mind
  • “She said basal ganglia”
  • A request for all the men – that listen – to She Podcasts – don’t keep it a secret!
  • Did you know about International Podcast Day?
  • What Elsie’s has said she’s gonna do as her challenge!
  • In real life safety – situational awareness!
  • Is being aware of danger because you are a pessimist?
  • Elsie and the scary energy
  • Jess does not want to be hassled
  • The buddy system is super important!
  • Tips for moving away from someone
  • Make sure that you are clear about the kind of time and attention you give to someone, and how that can be interpreted
  • Staying at a different hotel than the one that the conference/event is being held in
  • Checking in to a hotel under a pseudonym – and how do you do that?
  • Get an email address specific for real live events
  • Some last tips to bring it all together!
  • Don’t be a stalker! Be aware of what you are doing so that you are not percieved as a stalker

Random Trivia about Jess and Elsie

  • Jessica HATES summer clothes
  • Elsie LOVES summer clothes
  • Elsie HATES scarves
  • Jess is OBSESSED with ice – she can’t deal with NO ICE – ice makes the world go round
  • Elsie has NEVER heard about all kinds of candy

Feedback request!

How do you check into a hotel under a different name?

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