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Show 063 Quick-Guide

  • Our condolences to the slain reporter and camera man shot and killed in Virginia
  • Thank you Amy Robles for your feedback on BossJock!
  • You cannot sing happy birthday on a podcast!
  • Jen wrote a song for BossJock! And it’s awesome 🙂
  • Pink Yoga pants makes a debut!
  • Jess is not a big safety girl and Elsie is and this is why we need have this conversation!
  • Self preservation comes from your up-bringing
  • Elsie shares her background of living in El Salvador during the civil war
  • Where are your boundaries as a content creator? The crux of the conversation
  • Jess resists a bit – and shares her background and where she stands
  • Elsie tells her story of being held-up two block away from my house
  • Jess was online dating back in the day peeps!
  • Should you meet your listeners (fans) from online in real life?
  • We discuss the hashtag #YesAllWomen
  • Latino men – is it latino men – we don’t
  • Some tips about staying safe, all revolving around the wisdom of Callie Fulmer
  • What is your thing? Make sure you figure out your boundaries
  • There is an art and science to sharing online
  • How Gary V chooses the life that he shares with us and how that aligns with Elsie’s vision
  • Be present where you are – stop with the constant tweeting
  • Make your choices – create your boundaries – when you are comfortable
  • You need to practice what you are going to say, in every situation that matters to you regarding privacy
  • Other ways in which you can be secure and private about your work and life online
  • How do you get rid of the people that are stalking you online? We start to chat about that!
  • Let’s stop with the taciturn permission

Feedback request!

What do you think? Should you meet your friends online? What do you have any worries?

Let us know what privacy issues you wanna chat about! Or if there are any specific situations that you want our opinion about or have solved for yourself?

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