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Show 062 Quick-Guide

  • Jessica had an Elsie dream – and it wasn’t a good one!
  • Why are all the Salvi’s headed to Maryland? Anyone?
  • Kim Kardashian stuck her foot in it in social media and the FDA
  • “ You cannot do that” – Jessica Kupferman
  • Your communication with your sponsor must be open and clear – what can you do? What are the guidelines?
  • Why Elsie stopped following certain Instagram feeds because they’ve become a constant advertisement
  • Instagram should be in charge of removing the Kardashian drug image rather than the FDA says Slate
  • It’s the first time that Supreme Court rulings have been mentioned in an episode – and it makes Jess sweat a little
  • Elsie landed on tons of porn on Instagram, oh yes she did
  • Where is the line drawn between endorsement and sharing social media – will we get in trouble?
  • Breaking down endorsements – be honest
  • What exactly is expertise and how that lines up with sponsorships
  • Does your audience know the nature of your relationship with your audience?
  • Please disclose! Don’t be delicate about it, be obvious
  • Hey! We have a gift from our sponsor Bossjock for the first 5 that email us!
  • A lead-in to next episode! Setting boundaries – stay tuned!

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