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Show 061 Quick-Guide

  • Catch up – yo
  • We’ve got some more awesome travel tips from Amanda!
  • And there is a large discussion about taking a shower with your clothes on to save time – you’re gonna have to listen!
  • How did Jessica get all those interviews done with all those big names at Podcast Movement? We get some pretty awesome workflow
  • BIG plug for our sponsor Bossjock!
  • A deep dive on what sponsors want from podcasters via Mailchimp
    • Targeting newbies with Mailchimp
    • It’s all about good feelings!
    • “It’s not important to see number of downloads.” Who said that?
    • Does your potential sponsor listen to podcasts and if they don’t what do you need to provide?
    • Aligning the right sponsor with the right show – we chat about our lovely sponsor Connect EPIC
    • Shout out to Jessica Rhodes and her new baby Lucy!
    • It is SUPER ok to increase your rates for sponsorship on your podcast – totally ok
    • For goodness sake make it EASY for your potential advertiser – and what that means (old school Elsie example)
  • VULNERABILTY ALERT: Jess and Elsie took pictures, they are beautiful! but there were some uncomfortable feelings involved
  • Taking stock and taking a look at yourself
  • And then there’s the whole self-care thing

Audio Feedback Featured

Feedback request!

How many of you use your business or podcast to stay busy rather than take care of yourself?

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