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Show 059 Quick-Guide

  • A Periscope rant from the point of view of a Mama She Podcaster (WAHM)
  • Periscope “stop teaching me stuff!”
  • Posting on social media takes so much energy
  • An awesome way to use Bossjock Jr for Instagram & Clammr! Boom
  • Jessica is spot on talking about Elsie at a conference
  • Jessica will help you change your flight arrangements so that you can come to our Friday workshop!
  • Elsie: Podcasting while at a conference – tips for mobile
    • What kind of mobile podcasting are you planning to do? “Live” or post event?
    • There is a difference between attending an event and reporting/producing at an event
    • Practice, practice, practice – reality is different than the dream
    • Get organized, get connected, check your time
    • What you need to podcast mobile: hardware and software
    • Get ready to lug around heavy things
  • Jessica: what do you bring to an event/conference
    • Stuff for the plane – to have in your back-pack
    • Stuff for the conference – to have in your back-pack
    • Number 1 tip for traveling – be open, be flexible, be relaxed. expect delays and inconveniences. expect that you won’t be able to control a lot of your day and be ok with it.


Are we totally off about the whole Periscope thing? Is it being overrun by people teaching people stuff and teaching people how to Periscope?

Did Elsie or Jess miss anything with their tips about mobile podcasting or what to bring to a conference?

Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!

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The Conference Checklist a la She Podcaster (via Jessica)

Stuff for plane (backpack)

  • noise cancelling headphones
  • your own soda/water
  • at least 1 snack that isn’t perishable
  • downloaded entertainment for a smart device magazine for takeoff/landing

Stuff for conference (backpack)

  • biz cards (seriously. get some.)
  • Tylenol
  • lipgloss
  • charger for smart device, laptop and phone (mophie maybe?)
  • pens
  • sharpie/highlighter
  • change purse
  • hair ties
  • makeup (if no time to change before night activity)
  • top (if there’s no time to change before night activity)
  • media kit – if looking for sponsors, print or USBs
  • schedule preferably on phone (bizzabo)

Stuff for hotel room

  • laptop and charger – LONG cord – following up from the day
  • phone and charger – LONG cord
  • makeup – full stop – esp concealer and eye brightener
  • makeup remover – full stop
  • minimal jewelry – usually no necklaces
  • hair gel
  • own soap and lotion
  • extra contact lenses
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • outfits that match/color scheme and pants with pockets
  • 2 dressy outfits
  • different types of shoes that match – GOOD shoes and comfortable
  • pajamas for hot and cold
  • candy
  • drinks
  • some type of follow up system


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