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Show 058 Quick-Guide

  • Dave Jackson opens up the show! Stallone baby!
  • Shout-out to Elsie’s Dad – Happy Birthday Daddy!
  • Jessica’s guilt about dangling Elsie off of a cliff.
  • Are you just looking to confirm what you already believe?
  • We need help with our directory! Who’s up for helping us out?
  • Dr. Ginger Campbell shares a powerful perspective
  • Yvonne shares about missing out
  • Maritza’s empassioned plea to step up!
  • How society may often dictate our choices
  • Carrie brings in the anxiety of leaving your kids to the forefront
  • The guilt never goes away – being away from your kids – doesn’t go away
  • Natalie brings it home with the DVD extra of the last episode!
  • Thankfulness for Jess is in the HOOOOUUUUUUSE!
  • Negotiation matters and honors relationships
  • The conversation moves to decision making fatigue
  • What if taking care of yourself is saying No?
  • A negotiation of a partnership and different needs and desires
  • Does the She Podcasts community really want a live event? The Podcast Movement one day session is a test!
  • Step up and get it done – take action ladies
  • Using Bossjock is the coolest thing ever!!!!


Are you having some decision fatigue? Or is that a cop-out?

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