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Show 055 Quick-Guide

  • So – hot – summer.
  • 10 years ago iTunes 4.9 was released! First time that it supported podcasts.
  • President Obama was on a podcast!
  • Did you know that Obama had a podcast?
  • Feedback all about haters.
    • Orlando Mergal from Hablande de Tecnologia
    • Two women presented in WWDC
    • Taylor from Pink Heels Pink Truck
  • Taking the time and going out of your way to be negative with other people.
  • Call to action: choose to affirm the good, especially with podcasts our there!
  • So people listening to the beginning of She Podcasts…Elsie wants to replace our first episodes. Crazy.
  • More love people! More LOVE – shout it out!
  • Less negativity and more honesty.
  • Microsoft is innovating in podcasting! Can you believe that?
  • That ladies talk gaming – ya.
  • Binge listening coming to audio? C’mon now.
  • Jess and Elsie come up with a brilliant idea for the White House!


How do you deal with negative reviews that are based on something that you’ve either already addressed OR it’s less about feedback and more about personal opinion?

How do YOU consume media? Especially for our women listeners – how do you consume media – all media?

Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!

Audio feedback featured


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