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Show 053 Quick-Guide

  • Jessica is on her own!
  • New microphone is in the house! And she sound delicious
  • Sign up for the She Podcasts Podcast Movement Session!
  • Elsie has a FREE tutorial on the most simplest ways to record conversations on Skype! Check out the link below on how to access it
  • Elsie’s presentation on VOICE
    • It’s NOT about the microphone
    • You don’t need anything that you don’t already have
    • It IS all about VOCAL VITALITY – and what that is
    • Vocal Vitality = Awareness + Relaxation (no tension) + Space
    • Awareness and what that is
    • Stress + emotions and how they play a role in your PODCAST
    • Your body cannot tell the difference between perceived danger and real danger
    • Patterns and Behaviors and how they might govern some of your vocal quality
    • We adopt and align to that which we’ve been exposed to
    • What your body has to do with your podcast production
    • Communication Patterns – family communication + cultural influences
    • Dynamic expression to enhance meaning
    • Optimal Alignment with Right Action = Release
    • A teeny tiny bit of breath work
    • The DEPTH of your voice comes from your body – primary breathing muscles: diaphragm & external intercostals
    • The CLARITY of your voice comes from refinement – “The Mask” mouth, jaw, tongue and soft palette


What patterns of speech have you noticed that you have?

What do you feel has influenced your speech patterns the most? Culture? Geography? Family?

Links mentioned by Jess!

Links mentioned by Elsie in her presentation as resources


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