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Show 052 Quick-Guide

  • The people in Podcasting School For Women are awesome. That is all.
  • Our new hashtag on Twitter! #AskSheP Engage with us!
  • Podcast Movement is coming up and we want you to do the day long session with us! It’s gonna be awesome 🙂
  • Segway fail
  • Chat podcasts vs the glossy podcasts – hmmmm – dissonance between these?
  • The different ways that people learn via podcast.
  • And then, we chat about the hater, yes, we got one! Unbelievable no? 😉
  • She told us that were nobody.
  • “Nobody is a nobody to everybody!” – says the yogeek sage – Elsie
  • We need to support each other – as women – calling each other nobody is not such a great thing.
  • Everything out there is free – and of course there are ways to PAY for it.
  • Wikipidea is not all that, right? Is THE definitive resource for f.a.c.t.s?
  • Why is there so much vitriol from some podcasters about people charging for a podcasting education?
  • Instagramers making cash! What are the ethics behind that.
  • Framing the IG model for podcasters with Instagram accounts.
  • So is it SHADY not to disclose if someone is sponsoring you?
  • Where is the brown in public radio?
  • Oh my – code switching – we go there.
  • And Elsie shares her experience speaking up with an accent.



What do y’all think about disclousure?

Do you want Ocho candybars? Would they be a good sponsor?

Do y’all code switch?

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!

Note: The “Explicit” jingle at the beginning of this episode commercial is by the lovely and talented Jen Edds from Three One Seven Sound Design – in case you’re looking for someone to design your brand sound and other podcasting type stuff.


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