Show 050 Quick-Guide

  • Hello Cate Stillman!
  • If you wanna start podcasting sign up for Podcasting School For Women!
  • Another webinar! And you need to sign up
  • We reveal our download numbers for our first 50 episodes 🙂
  • We have some feedback from the mighty Bree Noble from Women of Substance
  • And again about the SoundCloud player – recognizable, pretty, usability?
  • We got Clammr feedback from Parviz!!!
  • How do you stay focused on your niche or your niche followers without getting distracted by the podcasting world.
  • Cate brings on the wisdom about business vs your core.
  • Do you have your core in your back pocket?
  • You need to be putting in the time to get your 10 thousand hours in your back pocket FIRST.
  • Dig deep people.
  • It doesn’t matter what you pick as long as you dig deep – Cate Stillman.
  • Cate’s on the hot-seat.
  • When should you separate your podcast into another podcast?
  • How to create a podcast to optimize what you’re delivering to your audience.
  • A massive podcast strategy is shared – and we can’t wait to see what Cate does with it!


Do you know where your tribe is? And what they need from you?

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!

Note: The “Explicit” jingle at the beginning of this episode AND our post Podcasting School For Women commercial is by the lovely and talented Jen Edds from Three One Seven Sound Design – in case you’re looking for someone to design your brand sound and other podcasting type stuff.


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