Show 043 Quick-Guide

  • She P VIP starts tomorrow!!!
  • Elsie and Jess go into the WHY the creation of She P VIP happened and most importantly how it can benefit you.
  • How the three of us (Jess, Natalie & Elsie) can be gigantor advocates for you and your work.
  • Feedback from Dr. Ginger Campbell all about promotions! 7:45ish
  • Jess shares a fanboy story about Dr. Ginger.
  • Do you get recognized when people just randomly hear you?
  • Buzzfeed has podcasts! And Jess is super excited!!!
  • Elsie had no idea that Buzzfeed had an app – an a ton of Buzzfeed-centric conversation ensues.
  • Elsie pitches Jess on pitching Buzzfeed as their anchor.
  • We discuss an article The Problem With Podcasting and why Elsie didn't want to share it.
  • Do you take what podcasters say as “truth?”
  • According to Jess, you can check the facts for podcasts and blogs in the same way – there is no difference!
  • You can fake authority in the written word – it's a lot harder to fake it when you are talking.
  • Podcasting as Seinfeld – it's about the content people NOT the platform.
  • Do women approach getting the word out about podcasting and their podcast differently?
  • Yes, we need to be everywhere, but it's not about THAT, it's about what you can DO – what's your bandwidth and what delivers results.
  • And then there's some of us that simply want to be a #podcaster.


Do you double check to see if what a podcaster said was true?

How are you letting your content speak for itself regardless of platform?

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