Show 033 Quick-Guide

  • The importance of self promotion – you have to learn to love it and NOT force it.
  • The podcasting industry has an education problem: people don't know podcasts + an old model for advertising
  • What is a perfect partner? And what defines my perfect partner.
  • What kinds of questions do you need to ask YOURSELF before you choose a sponsor or a sponsor approaches you.
  • When you should NOT have a sponsor for your podcast.
  • Smart companies are going to be looking for a return on their investment (ROI) and how you should prepare yourself.
  • There is a responsibility of both parties (sponsor + podcasters) for a win-win.
  • How does a podcast that is NOT a business but would like to make a little money shift their mindset about “pimping our their audience,” to being OK about selling their podcast.
  • Most of us were not raised to sell and hustle.
  • Elegant hustling FTW!
  • What kind of experience do you have when YOU go shopping? What do you love and what do you hate? And how that informs how you partner with sponsors.
  • There are so many distractions online that you must be able to help your audience focus on what they want to focus on.
  • Treat everybody as if they are brand new.
  • When you are in sales you will come up with people's objections – knowing your people's objections is gold.
  • Erika reveals the exact email to send a potential advertisers – word for word.
  • Elegant hustling is about an invitation and connection.
  • “You don't learn anything from YES” – says Erika Lyremark
  • Who you need to contact to start the sales conversation + how to practice selling.
  • What if nobody buys? How do you refuel and keep going?
  • What hustling energy can get you – if you just follow through!
  • How breakthroughs always come when you are not attached to outcomes.
  • Some ideas are thrown about for Benjamin Franklin.
  • Erika gives Elsie a challenge. OMG.
  • We get a last massive bit of wisdom about sales and marketing that we all need to hear, starting with the fact that they are different kinds of conversations.


How do you love to shop? Where do you love to shop? Why do YOU buy what you buy?


How does YOUR experience buying/shopping translate to the kind of experience/relationship you want to have on your show?

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