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Discussion – 


023 Podcasting Best Practices

Podcasting best practices

Show 023 Quick-Guide

  • Oranges and OJ – Jessica’s downfall.
  • Elsie’s baked goods issue.
  • Not rules – we are talking best practices for podcasting.
  • Jessica’s take on what you cannot ignore:
    • Decent audio – there are tricks to this – like monitoring yourself and making adjustments.
    • Learn to optimize the tools that you have. Hint: it’s not about the microphone that you have.
    • Consistency people! – YOU call the shots. YOU set your schedule.
    • Tangent alert: using social media scheduling systems to get your stuff out!
    • Prep before you record.
    • Branding.
    • You need a podcast host – a place to host your media files.
  • Jessica’s take on what you can ignore.
    • Mixers – for some people it’s totally necesary, for others not so much.
    • A fancy pants microphone.
    • Crazy pants shownotes.
    • Transcription.
    • Monetization.
    • Specific format for your show.
    • A specific amount of downloads for success.
    • A website.
    • Asking for ratings and reviews.
    • You don’t HAVE to publish if your life gets in the way. #ohwellski
    • Tangent alert: unexpected birthing stories
  • Bottom line: you make the rules.
  • Big announcement!!! We have an event coming up in late Winter/early Spring!!!
    • Helping you with you show!!! Wahooooo!!!!
    • Second week of February, yo!


Do you have questions about “the rules?”

What have you heard about podcasting that has caused you crazy anxiety?

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