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021 Why Women Don’t Listen To Podcasts And Learning To Love Criticism

Show 021 Quick-Guide

  • Peanuts are angry. Almonds are happy nuts.
  • Discussion of learning to love criticism.
  • And Chelsea Handler comes into the conversation.
  • Being nice keeps criticism at bay? But what’s the pay-off?
  • The problem with giving feedback on someone’s personality…
  • We have a small commercial break without a commercial so Jess can answer the door.
  • People don’t listen to podcasts because they could not own property – wait – what?
  • Does psychology and cultural mind-set play in women stepping into new technologies?
  • Sons of Anarchy and women’s podcasting power.
  • Breaking through cutural mindsets and psychological obstacles as women dealing with tech.
  • It’s our responsibility to start to shift perpectives through the conversations that have.


  1. Education – people still don’t know what it is.
  2. Tech adverse/ignorance.
  3. Love routine – they stick to what they know – can’t be bothered.
  4. Value people’s opinions – we tend to do what our friends tell us more – and our friends don’t really share too many podcasts


Why do YOU think there aren’t more women listening to podcasts?

What’s prevented you from listening to a podcast? Ladies, ask other women.

Why DO you listen to podcasts ladies?

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Elsie Escobar


  1. Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

    Hello Elsie and Jess! Thanks for your show. I enjoy the topics you cover. This week, among other things, I appreciated the links to the NYT article by Tara Mohr, “Learning to Love Criticism” and Jason Van Orden.

    One of the things I value about good podcasts in general are the show notes. I find that since I’m usually mobile when I’m listening to podcasts, it’s great to know I can go back later and check out things I want to be reminded of.

    To your two topics this week: Why Women don’t listen to podcasts and learning to love criticism. I hope the women listening apply the learnings that Tara Mohr offered in her NYT article. Criticism and praise are both simply information; and its how we reframe both based on what we’re looking for at the time ( if we’re seeking feedback).

    My sense is that the question of why people do or do not listen to podcasts is not specific to gender. The reasons you give are equally relevant to both.

    I’m only a recent podcast convertee. I”m an avid listener to the radio (NPR), and now I have been opened up to podcasts, I can listen to much more content specific to my areas of interests. And now I’m also a podcaster, listening to others’ podcasts are forms of entertainment, learning, news sources and market intelligence. It’s awesome.

    So, I agree with your #1 point – it’s education and #2 could be more specific to women. They may think it’s a technological barrier, but that because of needing more understanding the benefits and the use cases. Maybe a show on where, why and how podcasts are such great sources of connection. I tell women – I am a podcaster, and it’s only a few women who get excited – and they are tech savvy.

    RE the criticism article. My experience totally that I was socialized to be a pleaser, to smile and be kind. I agree we have been acculturated by having no power in earlier societal structures and it still exists in too many societies today. Fortunately, it’s changing because we are talking about it.

    And for me, it’s perfectly fine to be a pleaser, smiler and be kind, but it’s on my own terms – or I try to ensure it is. We need more love in the world. We need compassion. We need connection. We need feminine energy, not male energy ( and that applies to women taking on male behaviors). So we need to find and apply our own power. More than anything, we need to support women and not criticize each other. We need to pay attention to the language we use when we talk about each other. Let’s not say woman are “bossy” or “bitches” . Let’s reframe it to they are showing leadership and are standing their ground….Being authentic is key and you ladies have it.

    So thanks for asking and for always provoking something in me.

    • Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

      Oh, I forgot to add that the link to leave a review above in the show notes goes to the show “Podcasting Tips for Everyone” – libsyn – not to your show “She Podcasts”.


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