Show 019 Quick-Guide

  • The Apple Event in September in how those millions of iPhones & iOS 8 will affect podcasting
  • If you are using a Feedburner feed as your feed for iTunes, does your podcast work? Are there any errors?
  • Shout out to @traceymarksmd who tweeted out some love via the Podcasts App.
  • We discuss a question from Tracey about Podcasts
  • You need to learn how to use The Podcasts App from Apple!
  • Optimize your show notes for easy action taking in podcasts apps.
  • We should do a tutorial on how to optimize your podcast in the different podcast apps!!!
  • Why having a separate feed for your podcast and your website can be an asset.
  • Elsie’s interested in doing voice over work.
  • Jessica breaks down what Hidden Valley Ranch Voice is.
  • We get into the podcast patent troll WIN – 1.3 million dollars in damages awarded to this guy.
  • We go off topic – about our friend Hillary
  • iTunes podcast art specs have changed! Get the scoop!
  • Who will be affected by this change in the iTunes artworks specs?
  • Off topic again – where we listen to music.
  • Who in the world is Chalene Johnson? And why is she a hot tamale?
  • Turning podcast advertising on it’s head & re-inventing! And why Howard Stern will get totally pissed off.
  • Jess starts the conversation about the difference between sponsorship and advertisers.
  • Advertising in podcasts is a long tail commitment.
  • Breaking down the different types of ads for podcasts.


Your homework: start a conversation with someone that just bought a new iPhone and doesn’t listen to podcasts. What do they think about the Podcasts App?

Is your show working in the podcasts app?

Do you guys want a screencast on how to use and optimize for the podcasts apps?

Do you have a new interesting way to advertise in your podcast? Let us know!

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