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019 Podcast Advertising, Trolls and Apps

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Show 019 Quick-Guide

  • The Apple Event in September in how those millions of iPhones & iOS 8 will affect podcasting
  • If you are using a Feedburner feed as your feed for iTunes, does your podcast work? Are there any errors?
  • Shout out to @traceymarksmd who tweeted out some love via the Podcasts App.
  • We discuss a question from Tracey about Podcasts
  • You need to learn how to use The Podcasts App from Apple!
  • Optimize your show notes for easy action taking in podcasts apps.
  • We should do a tutorial on how to optimize your podcast in the different podcast apps!!!
  • Why having a separate feed for your podcast and your website can be an asset.
  • Elsie’s interested in doing voice over work.
  • Jessica breaks down what Hidden Valley Ranch Voice is.
  • We get into the podcast patent troll WIN – 1.3 million dollars in damages awarded to this guy.
  • We go off topic – about our friend Hillary
  • iTunes podcast art specs have changed! Get the scoop!
  • Who will be affected by this change in the iTunes artworks specs?
  • Off topic again – where we listen to music.
  • Who in the world is Chalene Johnson? And why is she a hot tamale?
  • Turning podcast advertising on it’s head & re-inventing! And why Howard Stern will get totally pissed off.
  • Jess starts the conversation about the difference between sponsorship and advertisers.
  • Advertising in podcasts is a long tail commitment.
  • Breaking down the different types of ads for podcasts.


Your homework: start a conversation with someone that just bought a new iPhone and doesn’t listen to podcasts. What do they think about the Podcasts App?

Is your show working in the podcasts app?

Do you guys want a screencast on how to use and optimize for the podcasts apps?

Do you have a new interesting way to advertise in your podcast? Let us know!

Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!


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Amanda Krill


  1. Anabell Ingleton - Pregnancy Perfect Podcast

    Hi Ladies 🙂

    I’m in the process of seeking out sponsors for my show and I’ve been live for almost 2 months with 9 episodes on iTunes and Stitcher. I’m seeking them out early as I want to create a sort of urgency and exclusivity to brands. The brands I am reaching out to are pregnancy-related ones like apps, maternity clothes, baby clothes, maternity accessories like diaper bags and many baby brands. Last week I reached out to 20 and already received responses from 5. They want to know stats and pricing for the sponsorship. I wanted to use Cliff Ravenscraft’s suggestions that he gives in his show episode #366, as he suggests never to provide stats. However, brands are asking for them and I feel that to not provide them would seem extremely evasive. I’m fine with rejection so if they say no now, I will try again later when I have more of a listenership.

    I’m responding to them tonight. I’ll keep you posted on their response!

    I love your show. I listen every week! xoxo

    Anabell Ingleton

  2. Amber {Because Babies Grow Up}

    This episode was my introduction to your podcast and I’m hooked! I’m in the brainstorming/technical learning curve of putting together my podcast and you addressed some of my biggest concerns. Thank you! I feel ready to move forward with confidence. Oh, and I joined the Facebook group this week, too, and have loved the community there. And yes, I’d love video tutorials on optimizing for the apps.

  3. Carrie A.

    I have to re-listen to this episode, but as far as Feedburner is concerned, I’ve ditched it for the native RSS feed. It only allowed iTunes to keep 3 shows at any one time. I wasn’t able to fix it in a reasonable amount of time and Google products tend to not be user/non-developer friendly.

    I found out later that my podcast wasn’t able to caught by some podcast catchers because of Feedburner. Once I switched, I had listeners thanking me for making my shows available in their favorite app.

    Interesting to note, I set the podcast feed for the podcast to be different than my website. That’s not something I could figure out in Feedburner.


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