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016 Teaching People To Podcast is NOT evil Don8217t You Touch My MP3 038 Stop Being Nice

016 Teaching People To Podcast is NOT evil, Don’t You Touch My MP3 & Stop Being Nice

Show 016 Quick-Guide

  • Jessica admits her naiveté about the friction between hobby podcasters and business podcasters (we chat about a discussion that took place in an FB podcasters group that has since been deleted.)
  • Why people have created podcasting courses – Jessica gets pretty darn heated!
  • Elsie breaks down a bit of how the podcasting industry has evolved.
  • Should the conversation about podcasting and money take a back seat? or is there a larger issue?
  • Bottom line: podcasters don’t know how to market themselves.
  • Bottom line: self promoters make it bad for everybody.
  • The community needs a positive way to promote themselves, where they learn to do it in a positive way.
  • Our She Podcast group is very good at promoting themselves well – and we offer a possible reason why.
  • When are you being too nice? REVEALED: the last time Jessica was too nice.
  • We discuss fellow podcast teacher Ellen Britt’s question about our guests using our podcast content – and a butt is wiped in the process.
  • Jess describes how some of her interviewees get the coveted MP3.
  • You have to have firm boundaries in your podcast whether business or hobby.
  • Elsie reveals her ex A-lister yoga client.
  • When do you reschedule and not reschedule?
  • Making decisions on what shows to be on and making decisions for yourself on what serves you best.
  • The different guidelines between a podcast guest and a podcast host.
    OMG someone embarrasses Jessica!
  • Elsie shares how she preps her guests when they come onto The Feed.


Are you a BRILLIANT hobby podcaster that wants to share your opinion about the podcasting industry?

How do you discern what’s the best use of your time when being a podcast guest?

Are you being too nice?

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