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iTunes review exchanges

015 B-word, You Don’t Know My Life aka No, I Will Not Give You An iTunes Review

Show 015 Quick-Guide

  • Lovely chit-chat from Jess & Elsie – all fun – not really podcasting related – for 12 MINUTES!
  • Facebook etiquette and what angers Elsie. Take notes people!
  • Asking for reviews – we open a HUGE can of worms
  • Leave a review if you like it, if you don’t like ti don’t!
  • Who in the world has time to LISTEN to so many podcasts to review them?
  • Elsie has a problem asking.
  • “Rooster’s are your thing! I’m glad you went with what you want!” Guess – who said that?
  • Elsie reveals where she stands regarding podcast review swaps
  • What SHOULD you share on social media? Jess preaches.
  • Jess and Elsie are partner weight loss coaches. Now you have to find out what that’s all about.


Does your online interaction reflect what you stand for?

How do you feel about review exchanges? Yeay? Nay? And why?

Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!

OMG!!! We have no links!!!! It’s just all lovely discussion 🙂


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Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar

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