Show 013 Quick-Guide

  • The New & Noteworthy discovery wasn’t really the discovery we thought – clarifying for all those who wanna know!
  • New & Noteworthy is like investing your money and obsessing over the lottery consistently.
  • Marketing your podcast tactics above and beyond New & Noteworthy and iTunes
  • Katie Krimitzos cool Shark Tank campaign
  • After New & Noteworthy it’s time for you to send people somewhere else – like – your WEBSITE!
  • It’s not enough to Tweet – You tweet and then you grow your twitter
  • Jessica reveals her crazy pants social media twitter tactics.
  • Jessica reveals her super Facebook strategy, which includes some Facebook Ads!
  • Jessica takes over the show – LOL!
  • Friends on your show? Ya – that’s not gonna work to grow your show
  • Great Grannies of the Northwest – you HAVE to listen to what the heck that is.
  • Have standards, don’t just interview anyone who asks.
  • What makes Elsie (as a podcast junkie) listen to a podcast
  • Part of your interview style show should include a Big guest once in a while.
  • Boundary setting PSA! You don’t have to appease everyone
  • Part of your marketing strategy needs to be your filtering system.
  • When you highlight the community they help you grow.
  • More Jess community growing tactics – BAM
  • In order to grow your audience you have to become your listener.
  • Getting your Libsyn stats emailed to you to fuel your stats habit!
  • Podcast listeners are not going to take action with you right away – sometimes they will – but usually they won’t.
  • Podcasters make the best intervieews – go check out the She Podcasts Directory!


Where do you listen to the podcasts that you listen to?

Call out to Katie Krimitsos to let us know how the Shark Week went!

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