Show 007 Quick-Guide

  • iOS 8 beta release and how that affects podcasting possibilities – it’s the start of podcasting as a ubiquitous medium
  • Start optimizing your descriptions in the Podcasts App yo!
  • Super cool updates coming to the Mac via the latest upcoming OS release Yosemite. hint: you might not need Skype. Wowza.
  • Elsie and Jess go off on discussing possible workflows recording the cell phone calls on the Mac
  • How much Ummms and Aaaaaahs should you edit out of your podcast aka Elsie freaks Jessica out.
  • How in the heck do you get better at doing interviews? Many tactics are revealed.
  • The “Hello? Hellooooo? Are you there?” issue
  • People who are really fussy about listening…maybe should lighten up a little bit…we totally went there.
  • We are essentially the audio version of the Blair Witch Project. Listen for wha that means 🙂
  • Whoever you interview will influence the way that you respond to the conversation
  • How do you warm up your interviewee before you get on the show? Jessica shares her super secret sauce
  • How much interview show prep is TOO MUCH!
  • When questions really help your interviewee
  • Interview workflows – what works for you?
  • Why Jessica chose Schedule One and how to choose the best scheduling tool for you?
  • Elsie goes on a dual rant about somethings that makes her crazy about podcasters and promotion
  • How to help your guests promote YOU!
  • Two key take aways: take responsibility for your promotion and get clear on what’s mandatory for your guest to fill out
  • Elsie’s first introduction to marketing and the first product she ever bought about doing the best interviews you can.


What is your interview workflow for your guests?

What are the things that you dislike about being on other people’s podcast?

What are some challenges that you’ve come across when setting up your systems for your interviews?

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