Show 004 Quick-Guide

  • What we’ve seen has been the most effective for marketing a podcast
  • When you promote, do you know where your listeners are coming from?
  • Jessica’s promotion workflow for Lady Business Radio
  • Elsie’s promotion workflow for Libsyn’s The Feed
  • Promoting your podcast BEYOND social media
  • Is a dedicated podcast app worth it?
  • Being interviewed on podcasts is a great way to promote the show – easier point of entry!
  • Promoting other people’s podcast – do you do it?
  • Elsie’s super stellar ways of getting feedback and growing your audience
  • What exactly do you want from your marketing? engagement or growth or???


What was your most effective means of marketing your podcast? What has worked or hasn’t worked?
What causes you to take action with a podcaster?
What drives you to leave a comment, respond in a group, or leave us feedback?


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