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Make yourself heard.
The time for being quiet is over.

She Podcasts LIVE

June 19-22, 2023
Washington, DC

The place to be if you’re:
Loud-mouthed, Charming, Opinionated, Sharp, Hilarious Or Honest to a Fault

In the past, we’ve been encouraged to act demure, shy, and timid. It’s because we are POWERFUL. It’s because we are brilliant. It’s because we are innovative. And it’s because there was a fear that, had someone encouraged us to be those things, we’d be less easy to control. 

That shit is done.
And our mission with this conference is to make sure of it. 

We are UNDENIABLE and we will no longer be denied:

a voice
an opinion
physical space – on your panel, at your table, in the room
the things we need – spiritually, physically, or emotionally

If you even THINK you’d be great at educating, informing, encouraging, or entertaining people, you are going to want to be here.

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Celebrate. Promote. Grow. Learn. Engage. Earn.

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Why ShePodcasts Live?

Other Conferences


Many of the same speakers year after year –  not all of them podcasters – and TOO many of them white, male, and not representative of YOU.

(We like men just fine, but enough is enough)

Every speaker is a woman or marginalized gender, a current podcaster, and we work as hard as we can so that at least 50% or more are people of color, LGBTQIA+ or both.


Exhibitors at other conferences have been shown to have uber-conservative values, promote male-only interests, or are companies without a woman manager in sight.

We believe that the sponsors at SPL are all companies that have taken great strides to support underrepresented voices, both in their employee roster as well as their chosen projects to support, including our conference. And every single one has something to offer you that will help – or improve – your podcast, or even your life.

The day starts at 8 or 9am with coffee being offered – if that. Limited food offerings are available at the hotel that early – with many people crowding into the 2 open areas in the lobby for lunch, and venturing out for dinner.

The day starts with an early yoga session, if that’s your thing. Otherwise, you can take your time and come straight to the ballroom – we’ll be offering continental breakfast for the three conference days. Our venue this year has over 15 different restaurants, from food court to fancy-pants.You’ll never run out of something new to eat, without having to call an Uber.


Recent event parties have been held at strip clubs, beer gardens, batting cages, Go-Kart racing centers and extremely loud sports bars.

We like to get to know one another in a relaxed but upbeat environment. Past soirees have included Introvert/Extrovert parties, slumber parties, garden parties, and swanky brunches.

General Vibe

Sometimes in mixed company, there can be feelings of inadequacy, intimidation, and hierarchy. Newcomers and non-business podcasters can often be made to feel less-than by those who attend for the proverbial ladder of success.

At She Podcasts LIVE, the speakers, sponsors and attendees all mingle together, support one another, and are enthusiastic to get to know you, regardless of how far in the process – or how successful you are.

Who Are We?

The founders of She Podcasts are Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman. Two tech-obsessed moms who love glitter, chocolate and the smell of a new software to play around with. We are over 40, relatively entertaining, sharp-as-a-tack digital marketers from Year Zero, who love our men to pieces but also would be grateful if they’d just let us talk for 5-10 minutes. 

We are also: Warriors. Survivors. Victims of abuse. Passionate about feminism, diversity, LGBTQIA rights, advocacy, equality, and making sure that those who aren’t heard get a chance on our watch.

Entrepreneurs. Podcasters. Meditators. Journalers. Minorities. Apple junkies. 

AND, like you, we are women who were having trouble being heard in some way. Women who wanted an outlet for the brilliant bubbles that were begging to burst inside of us. Women who wanted to help the world around them, in their own, very specific way.

Sound familiar? 

Who Is This For?

The She Podcasts Mission is to support and nurture podcast hosts who’ve traditionally been excluded from the podcast market. This includes cis and trans women, non-binary, and those who are all around gender fabulous. That’s who has created this event, who’s speaking at this event, and who attends this event. Of course, all are welcome. 

This conference is great for you if you don’t have a podcast but you are:

  • Someone who is constantly being asked for advice
  • Someone who loves to give advice whether you’re asked or not
  • Someone who dreamed about a career in comedy or entertainment but other life got in the way
  • Someone who is clearly entertaining but none of these people seem to appreciate just how much
  • Someone who knows a ridiculous amount of information about one topic but for whatever reason this topic bores everyone else you know
  • Someone who wants to learn about a topic by interviewing other experts about it
  • Someone who wants the prestige of having their own podcast – so that when they tell non-podcasters, they’re hella impressed.
  • Someone who KNOWS they’d have an amazing podcast if they only got the lead out

This conference is also great for you if you DO have a podcast and you are:

  • A relatively new podcaster who has tried everything but can’t seem to find the time to both produce and MARKET the show

  • A podcaster who has been doing everything themselves and doesn’t remember the last time they’ve showered

  • A podcaster who just lost a co-host and feels like they’re starting from scratch (for better or worse)

  • A podcaster who wants to perhaps pivot the topic of their current show OR start a new one

  • A podcaster who needs some spark, motivation or inspiration

  • A podcaster who wants to see what other podcasters like you are doing

  • A podcast badass who could get out of the house once in a while

Ticket Pricing


Don't miss out!

If podcasting is on your radar, this event is where you'll want to be.

She Podcasts LIVE 2022

The Venue

MGM National Harbor is a luxury resort, retail, dining, entertainment and casino just minutes from Washington D.C on the banks of the Potomac River.

She Podcasts LIVE 2022

Don't miss out!

2021 Highlights

She Podcasts LIVE 2022


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Join the world’s largest gathering of women podcasters, audio content creators, story tellers, and more.

We started this group because we believe women have a unique challenge in getting their voices to be heard. Women lead busy, full lives and often don't put themselves first. Some of them have charity and philanthropy work they want to support but don't think they have the technical knowledge to podcast. Some feel hesitant about putting themselves into a public space. And all of them, just like all human beings, wonder if they're good enough to have their own show. 


Our show is dedicated to both diversity and sustainability. We go out of our way to find talent that has unique perspective and skill. We are also working towards having a sustainable event – as little paper as possible, including lack of booklet/program. We request sustainability of our sponsors and partners, share their stories and messages, and we’d love your support.

Let’s support these voices together..

Media and Promotional Partners

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