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229 Spotify, Google Podcasts and Podfund

Getting straight into it with awesome audience feedback about privacy, measurement, repurposing content and podfading. Then, we get into all kinds of search news from Spotify’s new App update and Google Podcasts indexing shows directly

228 Facebook and Peaches

The Rodecaster Pro has had the best firmware update making it the bestest podcasting tool ever! We also cover the Facebook announcements about FB Groups, messaging and other things and what all of that means

226 Bean Bags and Podfading

If you want to know some AAAAMAZING things that will happen at the She Podcasts Live conference and have a say, you must listen to this episode! Emily Prokop, who has now been absorbed by

225 The Thank You Episode

OMG Our Kickstarter was funded! And you get to hear exactly what happened as we funded it (we have video evidence.) We needed, we mean absolutely NEEDED to thank all of the amazing people that

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