What is She Podcasts?

We are your podcasting village.

She Podcasts is a community that helps women and non-binary podcasters through every step of their podcast journey. We offer support through a free Facebook group, a paid online membership, in-person events, and our podcast.

Latest podcast episodes

285 Facebook, Unions, Slippers

The future of trick-or-treating and why you need to get your absentee ballot ASAP. We then hop into the news and talk about the graphic …

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284 Giving Zero Effs

The new She Podcasts Super Squad is almost open and we break down exactly what tools we used to put it together and how we …

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283 Once Again, Downloads Are Useless

Yep, you MUST head over to Podcasting, Seriously – like STAT. Then, we talk about how the Apple Watch podcast counts are finally being corrected …

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282 It’s Call Your Girlfriend Time!

Jess fills us in on her vacation, and we learn all about poo haikus. Then, BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow join the show! They …

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