A unique experience with some pretty amazing people.


Join the world’s largest gathering of women podcasters, audio content creators, story tellers, and more.

We started this group because we believe women have a unique challenge in getting their voices to be heard. Women lead busy, full lives and often don't put themselves first. Some of them have charity and philanthropy work they want to support but don't think they have the technical knowledge to podcast. Some feel hesitant about putting themselves into a public space. And all of them, just like all human beings, wonder if they're good enough to have their own show. 


Our show is dedicated to both diversity and sustainability. We go out of our way to find talent that has unique perspective and skill. We are also working towards having a sustainable event – as little paper as possible, including lack of booklet/program. We request sustainability of our sponsors and partners, share their stories and messages, and we’d love your support.

Let’s support these voices together..


2021 Highlights

What to Expect


Each speaker is a seasoned podcaster and female-identifying, and experts in their fields. Sessions are chosen based on what YOU want and need to learn for this stage in your podcasting journey.


All sorts of companies are bringing their A game, some treats, and their latest products and services to make your podcasting life easier!


When you take time to network at She Podcasts LIVE, you never know who you're going to meet. Representatives from all over the world are there, from podcast and broadcast companies big and small. You could meet your next sponsor - or your next co-host!


Grab your friends and join the party! Meet all the amazing attendees at nightly parties and meetups, including an introvert/extrovert party, pajama party, story slam and more.


The Venue

MGM National Harbor is a luxury resort, retail, dining, entertainment and casino just minutes from Washington D.C on the banks of the Potomac River.

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