She Podcasts DOES partner with select companies that offer products and services we think our audience would love. See below for more information.

Types of Promotion

Podcast Advertising​

We offer host-read ads and reviews as well as links in our show notes, in our weekly email and posts on our social media channels, including our FB group of over 17,000 women podcasters.​

Social Media Advertising​

Unboxing and digital tutorials of products and services on your preferred social media channel. ​

Event Sponsorship - She Podcasts LIVE​

Both digital and in-person sponsorship including exhibition, activations, print advertising, and more. ​

Banner Advertising​

Advertising on our website, directory, and membership vault. Priced by size.​

Our Audience

1 %
age 25-44
1 %
College Educated
1 %
1 %
Household income 75K+



listeners per month


email recipients


members of our FB grop


Twitter followers combined


Instagram followers combined

Monthly Price: $1000/mo

We offer host-read ads every week on our show, She Podcasts, adding your products and services right into the conversation. In addition, we post about our sponsors on all our social channels, including audience-engagement in our free Facebook group. (17K+) 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of companies do you partner with?

We typically partner with and promote companies that offer something our audience of women podcasters would love. This can range from technical services and software platforms to gift ideas and lifestyle products.

Are you willing to be an affiliate?

Yes – but this is very rare. We normally act as affiliates for someone we know very well and/or a product we’ve used for a while. We don’t affiliate for podcast networks, transcription services, or any other new podcast company unless we regularly use their product. 

Are you willing to trade for free use of our product or service?

This is very, very rare. As far as products go, if you want to send us a product to test and review, we are normally happy to do so and will discuss our honest review on our podcast. This agreement is subject to our 100% honest opinion and we make no promises to like anything. 

Can I come on your show to talk about myself/my product/my service?

We are sorry to say, no, you may not. Our podcast is not an interview podcast and we don’t do interviews. 

Can I speak at your event about my product or service?

We reserve sessions for sponsors who want to introduce their product or service to our audience themselves. The speaker must be a woman or non-binary. Sessions like these are PAID sponsorships and range from $1000-$2500.

Do you have any time this week to hop on a quick call so I can explain my product or service to you since I know you and everyone else is going to love it?

No. Our time is our most expensive commodity. If you’d like us to consider a partnership with you, we will need you to fill out this form and we will get back to you if we are interested. 

Examples of Partnerships

Co-Founder Elsie Escobar has worked at Libsyn since 2006 and both women have never used another podcasting host. Naturally, this is a good partnership fit.

Heil Microphones sent us brand new microphones free to test and review. We have had similar relationships with other companies as well.

When Captivate launched, Jessica was working closely with their marketing team and had first look at many of their most exciting features. Because we are intimately familiar with their products, we happily recommend their hosting and website services.


For any inquiries please email:

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