First and foremost, we are carefully monitoring the hotel’s safety precautions and are able to customize these (add sanitizer, request specific cleaning methods, etc.) from both the hotel and the conference staff. They do have a document with information as to how they are handling measures on site, and we invite you to take a look and download a copy of their protocol PDF here

As far as how we at She Podcasts will be handling accomodations, much of what we plan will have to wait until we know the exact situation of the disease, vaccinations, travel restrictions and so on. That said, we are preparing some additional considerations, including: 

  • Limiting attendance, so everyone will be seated with plenty of space if they so choose
  • Buttons and other items for or the name badge, so when you meet someone they will know right away how comfortable you are with personal contact.
  • Additional santizer stations in the ballroom, the vendor area, and other She Podcasts recreational areas.
  • Blocking off seating areas to ensure space in order to prioritize safe distances
  • Efforts to host more conference activities outdoors (there is ample opportunity for this at the hotel in Arizona)
  • Providing guides, such as floor tape or signage with instructions on how to keep one antoher safe and how far apart to stand, for example, in a line
  • Request restroom and communal areas have cleaning frequency increased
  • Requesting that anyone not feeling well remain at home or in their own hotel space for the duration of the event.

You should also note that we will be following the CDC guidelines for in-person gatherings, and they have extensive suggestions as to how to keep everyone safe and still meet comfortably. That information is here, if you are interested in seeing.

We absolutely welcome any and all feedback and questions. Please feel free to email us by utilizing our contact form here

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