Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, we do not plan on changing our October 2021 event dates. You are welcome to purchase tickets, apply to speak or inquire about sponsorship, with the understanding that we will do what's responsible for the community no matter what. If we have to postpone again in the fall, we hope everyone will be flexible.

If we absolutely cannot have an in-person conference, we have another plan in place to do a version of a virtual event. As usual, it will be very different from the virtual events we have gotten used to. At this time, however, that is not being developed and we WILL keep you informed of every decision. 

We will allow transfers of tickets from in-person to virtual attendee, and refunds in absolute emergency cases. If you purchased a ticket that costs more than the virtual ticket, we will refund you the difference.

NOTE: Attendees and sponsors can transfer, sell, or use a credit for a future event. If for some reason we cancel our event (not postpone, cancel) then everyone will be refunded or can choose to use their ticket for the next event. 
Please visit the speaker page in the above menu for details on how to apply to speak. Do NOT email us with a speaking pitch. We have a very specific process we follow, and answering our contact form is not part of it. If speaking applications are closed, you'll need to sign up for the She Podcasts LIVE newsletter and wait for news about the application process for the next event.

Media and press passes for She Podcasts LIVE are available by invite only. We do have some media partners, and you can apply to be one on the media partners page, however please keep in mind that press passes are for traditional media outlets only. If you are a podcaster, you will not be granted a media pass and must purchase admission.

No, we don't. If you want to attend any. part of She Podcasts Live, you need to purchase at least the basic option pass.

We are capping our audience at 600 attendees for the 2021 conference.

If we have to postpone She Podcasts LIVE and you can't make the new dates, our tickets will be fully transferrable with no transfer fee. You can sell them or transfer them to someone else or to a future She Podcasts LIVE event.

Regardless of when our event takes place, we will be encouraging best practices for everyone's safety at She Podcasts LIVE. We are also working very closely with the Scottsdale Plaza Hotel to make sure their sanitization procedures and hand sanitizer availability is in accordance with what the CDC recommends.

Yes - we have many, many opportunities for brands to get in front of our attendees. Please visit the sponsor page and download the sponsorship deck, and then follow the instructions on that page to sign up.

She Podcasts LIVE is for you if 1) you want to be or are a podcaster, 2) you want to meet lots of women podcasters 3). you want to offer a product or service to lots of female content creators.

The content is planned, prepared and delivered by women or non-binary individuals. That said, if there are others who would like to attend, our event is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Why yes, yes you can. If you've already bought a ticket to She Podcasts Live, email info@shepodcasts.com after you've been selected and registered as a speaker, and we will refund your ticket.

If you have a question not covered here, feel free to send us a message through our contact form.

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