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We are looking for partners that want to support events and groups that support women, promote diversity and unique voices, with integrity and honesty as a core value and who is conscious of their carbon footprint. 

Last year we were able to subsidize over 200 attendees because of our generous community and sponsors. We know that this year has given many attendees and sponsors a hard financial blow. This year, we will be customizing our sponsorship packages to help our sponsors squeeze every last drop of juice from our event AND create special experiences for our attendees. We are working overtime this year to make sure that every women, regardless of financial situation can attend. We cannot do this without the generosity of our sponsorship partners. 

Also! This year we have taken additional steps to reduce the amount of paper waste that can be created as a result of an in-person conference. We have come up with some advertising alternatives and encourage sponsors to forego the paper marketing and program ads for other creative ways of interacting with our attendees. 


Get involved! We can’t wait to work with you.

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Thank you Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman for the history making She Podcasts Live conference. It was everything that podcasting is at its core: fun, inspiring and freeing wrapped up in community. We were so proud of being able to be a part of it all! Go She Podcasts!

Sarah Morio, Libsyn

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