This conference is the largest in-person gathering of women podcasters, audio content creators, story tellers, and more.

She Podcasts LIVE offers women and non-binary audio creators a chance to learn and experience the podcasting community in an environment created just for them. We focus the education, the social interaction, and even the aesthetic on these attendees, and it makes a big difference in how She Podcasts LIVE feels from other conferences. We're proud of creating a conference where everyone feels safe to stand up during a session and ask questions without feeling judged. They appreciate content that helps them juggle podcasting, work and family life. They are excited to meet so many amazing people, and create solid and supportive relationships that help them to feel less alone in their podcasting journey.



The Scottsdale Plaza has been locally owned and operated for 40 years and features private entrances, beehive fireplaces, scenic balconies and private patios. You'll also enjoy 5 swimming pools, 24-hr fitness center, and a day spa with infrared saunas.

Conference Tracks

She Podcasts LIVE 2021 starts out with welcome and registration party on Thursday night and follows through Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning with content. We'll have some bonus content Thursday before the conference begins as well as Sunday afternoon for those who want to stay for some extra goodness!

The bulk of our content will be focused on the stages of growing a podcast – beginning, “tweaking” or refining, growth, reaching specific goals, community outreach and an “untrack” for those who want to socialize and participate in some fun or enrichment activities. 

For those who don’t have a podcast yet and want to get started on the right foot. Tech, branding, best practices go here. Our best podcasting consultants can be found teaching the basics in these sessions

For those who have a podcast but want to pivot, tighten their process, or aren’t sure if it’s quite right in general. Lots of how-tos and smart things to think about as the podcast journey gets going.​

All things marketing, audience growth, and process will go here.​

This track will cover anything and everything needed to reach a goal with a podcast – whether it’s sponsorship, speaking, writing a book and more. Taught by those who have been there and done it all!

For those who want to learn about impacting our world and the community around them. Feminism, diversity, nonprofit, globalism and more are being taught by the most impactful and smart podcasters we know.​

NEW FOR 2020! This track is designed to offer activities where the attendees can interact with one another outside of a classroom setting. Self care, meditation, creativity and other fun sessions will be scheduled under this track.​

2019 Highlights

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