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101 Facebook Group Data On Steroids and We Don’t Do What They Do

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Show 101 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Jennifer Ebeling from the Still Growing Gardening Podcast
  • Sunny from New Mommy Media
  • We missed each other!
  • Jess shares what her Dad thought about our 100th episode
  • And Jess explodes out with Elsie’s transitional story…with lots of shushing
  • Being internet poor sucks
  • Elsie’s cool tech tips!
    • Sideline
    • Voxer (again)
    • Dataman
  • Isaac is in the hooouuuusseee!
  • Jess is looking a solution that automatically update monthly stats from a variety of different services
  • The gift that Jess gave Elsie is all about Grytics! And it’s mind blowing
  • Insane statistics about the She Podcasts Facebook group!
  • Emily from Classy Little Podcast
  • Jess gives us the behind the scenes on attending Werk It!
  • It doesn’t matter what the PROcasters do to us, because we don’t do what they do!
  • How awards really bring home how we are not doing the same thing, at all
  • The freedom that comes from knowing who we are and what are work is in our industry
  • Gimlet Creative is launched and they have a hard time getting their clients to ‘get’ what they are doing as well!
  • Elsie’s sweet spot
  • Vickie Marris from Heartsong Fit Podcast
  • Elsie finally wraps up her empassioned rant

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Elsie Escobar

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